Tralfaz webcam is online


Nov 24, 2002
Hey all:

I just wanted to let you know that the Tralfaz webcam is up and running. The site is listed in the web directory section under webcams. Now I can check in on him while I'm at work. It is at

Let me know whta you think.

Very good Geo!

Didn't see him when i logged on though :frown:

Oh, and a word to everyone else..... turn the speakers down a bit before the whales knock you on your backside too! LOLOL :oops: :lol:
Thanks Colin:

The Whale song was just kind of a lark. I think that I will remove it tonight as it is quite annoying.

VERY cool site, George! Ever so much nicer than my stone-age GollumCam... :oops: Especially since, being currently octopusless, it's not up and running. You've given me something to aspire to...VERY nice pic of Tralfaz...

Liked the site very much, especially the pic of Tralfaz and the thermometer! Tralfaz was away when I looked at the webcam picture, but I look forward to seeing him sometime.

Thanks all:

Unfortunately Tralfaz was not out and about much today (although the sand sifting star seemed to be). Tommorow is feeding day so I expect him to be out more.

Any suggestios would be appreciated - Tralfaz does take requests :bugout: . I may move the camera around to try shots from different angles. I did try to set it up so that you can see Tralfaz in his "lair" but the pic wasn't really claer enought to see him. :x

This is a great idea, and thanks for taking all the trouble. A lovely pet you have there.

However I don't think it is working right for me; the video picture is just a black square with a time index in the corner for me. Am I doing anything wrong, or have you got the lights turned out?


Sorry about that :oops: I have to post Tralfaz's schedule on the site so that people know when they can tune in. The webcam is on 24/7, but the lights on Tralfaz's tank are only on from about 9 am to 9 pm (eastern time). So when you check in after the lights have gone out all you see is a black square.

Oh yeah, I have added to the webcam archives and some more photos of Tralfaz.

I also built a little stand out of acrylic for the Tralfazcam so that I can move it around the tank at will.


Love the Tralfaz Cam. Since you're clearly handy with acrylic, I wonder if you've experimented with a submersible housing for the webcam?

I hope you'll keep the whale-songs: they scared the crap out of my cats.

Looking forward to seeing Tralfaz do his thing.

I think Clem just wants to know if Tralfaz will used his beak or radula to open a webcam-clam toy - if you try I hope it has a good close focus!
Wires could also be short-circuited by water or beast (lethally?) AND they are made of copper.
mikeconstable said:
I think Clem just wants to know if Tralfaz will use his beak or radula to open a webcam-clam toy...
Um, no.
Wires could also be short-circuited by water...
Really? There goes my Shower-Toaster patent.
...or beast (lethally?) AND they are made of copper.
Whether George tries it or not, it would be quite simple to construct a safe, water-tight and octo-proof housing for a web-cam. (I'll send you a sketch for one, if you like.) I'm sure Tralfaz appreciates your concerns, though.


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