Tralfaz webcam is online

I saw him in the corner and then he was gone on the next image, just a couple of tentacles! I thought he was very cute, and much, much more interesting than my goldfish.
Hey All:

Steve, I am using software called PRYME. I takes the photo, saves a copy to a log (thus the archives are possible) and uploads a copy to my website server. The best thing about this program is that it is freeware. You can find a copy here

Also wanted to let everyone know that I have updated It is not 100 percent complete yet, but it is getting close. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.

great idea

LOL, i was dumb enough to do this at 12:30 am, and not see nothing but some darkness, but its still a good idea, if only i could think of a way to get my webcam all the way to the fish tank (a extreamly long way, not to mention on different floors).
Hey George!

Tried to check in on Tralfaz Cam but there wasn't any picture!!! This was at 4:30PM Eastern time!

How is he??

Like the archived shots!
He looks like he's stalking the cam!!!

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