Trade octopus

Dec 8, 2005
Hi guys/girls!!

How do you trade octopus? How doy you do the package and send it to another city?

And in an other hand; how much money octopus alive cost? For example and O. bimaculoides or a vulgaris.

I think octopets (when it was running) shipped the small octopus in a plastic bag inside another bag. This was inside a styrafoam container. Pretty much how you transport fish.
In many contries you can buy octopus live at fish markets - but I'm gonna have to catch my own from the sea.
......:roll: I think I will have to do the same.... Here in spain, ( and concretly all my spanish internet contacts) there isn't people that are interested in cephs. Here in tonmo I think I'm the first spanish.

Feelers, have looky in you aquatic ceph hunt!!! I had it for 5 times, but all times I returned ceph to sea, because I haven't enought tank conditions.

This is a question I've been looking into as well. With animals as sensitive as octopuses, the idea of just shipping one in a protected plastic bag seems odd to me... But then, I've never gotten one in the mail. This really works? They can go for that long without any addition of O2 to the water?
There are several reseachers that work with octopus in Spain mainly vulgaris. As far as shipping them its basicly the same as a fish; at the NRCC I had a survival rate of about 97% for octopus, cuttlefish, squid, and nautilus combined. There is a little-bit of a trick to it, trying to keep them as calm as possible and keeping them from inking. We added a chemical to the water in the bag to maintain pH. An octopus can survive about a day or two in the bag but you also have to make sure the temperature during shipment stays within range. Adding 100% o2 to the bag will help a lot

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