TONMOCON V Monty Award Winner


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May 30, 2000
I am happy to announce the TONMOCON V winner of the Monty Awards: Jean McKinnon (Jean)!

Jean has been with the TONMO community since the very beginning -- in fact, she was reaching out to me to talk about cephs years before I had even stood up any of our forums.

Jean has contributed her experiences and knowledge, much of it gained through her work at the Portobello aquarium in NZ, in a way that represents the true spirit of TONMO. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and openness when it comes to lending help and encouraging others is a great reflection of that spirit which Monty himself embodied.

A $75 donation has been made (in Jean's honor) to (which supports Greg Barord's work), and she will also receive a hard copy of Katherine Harmon's new book, Octopus!

Congratulations Jean, and THANKS for all that you do, and have done, for TONMO!