Tonmocon I

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Jul 26, 2003
So what about it, wouldn't it be good to meet all the people involved with TONMO, and to buy and sell any aquarium equipment/saltwater animals?
If we ever have one (looking forward to going if it's arranged) make sure to try and spot someone(Me) with a green t-shirt with a NRCC logo on it.
I do believe that Tony (Tom?) is arranging a get together in 2004 in Baal-tigh-more...
Tonmocon it is!
tonmo, we should get one going soon, next year sound's real good, if you need help i can make room in my schedule to help you out with some thing's, when it does happen be sure to pm me lol, so im prepared and ready also how about selling some tonmo apparel or clothes, I think that would be cool, a Tonmo t-shirt or something, how about a tonmo membership card, yeah that's cool, I should be the marketing director,hehe.
Oh please! Have you not been to the Tonmo shop???? Tony has everything from diapers to doughnuts there!
The Apparel Shop was closed a few months back, due to the fact that I was the only patron. I have a couple of good mugs and t-shirts... :smile:

Will keep all posted as soon as I can nail some things down... will definitely take some time though... promises to be fun! Happy to take anyone's input into consideration, so feel free to PM me if you're inclined... :wink:
I would love to go to a convention!!! Count me in if you have one. Where would it be held as i live in canada??
Pretty sure TONMOCON I will be at the Baltimore Aquarium... sometime 1st or 2nd quarter 2004. Will keep you all posted!
The consensus seems to be riding with Baltimore, MD...lots of local activities, etc...and Tony is happy there...
so we have that going for us! :biggrin2:
Jeez...maybe they will do a Discovery special on us or something!!!
Tony et al,

I have two questions about Baltimore:

1. How deep into the wee-hours do Baltimore's finer pubs remain open?
2. Have Baltimore's finer pubs outlawed the awful habit of smoking?

If the answers are "12am" and "yes," there could be trouble.

im pretty sure its 2am and other than a county the borders DC, i dont recall anything prohibiting smoking......

:cthulhu: :x Blue Laws
I live near Baltimore, and have good friends who are lifelong denizens of the place. If you give me a list of questions (including booze- and nightlife-related ones), I can certainly find the answers quickly. In fact, it would probably take less time to answer the booze-related questions than others. :P Party party!
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