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TONMO.com Anniversary!


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May 30, 2000
This Memorial Day weekend marks the 5th anniversary for TONMO.com!

It started out on-or-around May 30, 2000 as a news and information resource for cephalopod-related topics, slowly growing its content repository (e.g., "letters to the editor" and news editorials). During the first year and a half of its existence, TONMO.com progressively grew an audience, much of it devoted.

There was a pivotal period in late 2001 where our simple message board script was upgraded to a registration-driven message board system, and then in early 2002 I began getting help from volunteer staff, starting with Nancy and Colin.

Our message board software has improved over time (I believe we're on our third registration-based message board system (with no plans to change it :smile:)).

Here we are, nearly 3,000 registered members later, on the the best ceph site and community in the universe. And our first TONMOcon is right around the corner, which is sure to be another pivotal event.

Thanks to everyone for making this community what it is. This is fun, let's keep building on it!


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