Tiny octo charm


Dec 16, 2002

At the Melbourne markets this morning, I got this tiny little silver octopus charm, sorry the picture is so small but he is only 1.5cm long. He is also a setapus as I only noticed a leg missing (at the back) when I got home!
:o :lol: This is the first octopus charm I have seen here.

Hi KRin,

This is a nice little octopus! It's hard to find a nicely done small octopus charm or pin - I know, because I've been looking for a long time, too (but not in Australia!)


I found a nice charm on ebay which was 10k and only $16!!!! When I get my camera ( :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: It's in the MAIL!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited :smile: ) I'll post a picture too!

Excellent charm Krin!!!

Hi KRin and Carol,

I guess the secret is to keep looking. I missed the nice little gold octo charm on EBay!

Carol, did you finally order the Sony digital camera that you were thinking about?

YESSSSSS!!!! Hi Nanc!!!!!

I did!!! I bought one off of Ebay, a Sony cybershot S85 and hopefully it will be here by the weekend! I decided on this camera because from all the research I did, it seems to do well in low light and has a video feature that is only limited to the size of the card!!! Hopefully will have some new pictures of Hermin this weekend!!!!! And.....maybe even a video!!!

I'm alittle excited about it, can ya tell!!!!

Also, here's the item number to the charm I purchased!!! They had another on ebay! Item # 2612492875

Carol :biggrin2:
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