Tiny Ammonite Fossils

Scott U

Jun 20, 2005
Hello All

I've collected a sample of rock from the Warwickshire Jurassic that has a small 'clump' of fossils about 1.5 cm x 1cm on it. It was mucky in the quarry but when I cleaned it up I found that the clump mostly consists of tiny ammonites. They range from about 4mm to smaller than I can resolve with a hand lens. If all the tiny bumps are extremely tiny ammonites there might be hundreds contained within this small area. Has anyone come across this before? Should I try to find an interested expert to look at it? I wondered if it might be faeces from something that ate the ammonites or have I got some kind of ammonite nursery on my hands?
First of all, :welcome: Scott U,

Does your rock look like the pictures in This Thread,

It could be poop, or maybe oolites. I dont think the rocks I found are poop because there are larger (up to 7cm) ammonoids mixed in with the small ones. I think the large ones would have been crushed if they had gone thru the ringer (so to say) :smile:

Is there any way you could post some pictures?

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