timing the aquarium visit


Nov 6, 2004
How long does a visit to the Mote aquarium typically take? Monterey claims that most visits to their facility are between 2 and 3 hours, but I think they're quite a bit larger than Mote. Can anyone dish out some advice on how long to allow for a Saturday afternoon visit?
Mote Aquarium is not a huge facility. Much of the focus is on the research. You can get an overview of the exhibits here. You should be able to see the main building within an hour.

The animals and exhibits are split up into two buildings, both within easy walking distance of each other. The first includes the fish tanks, shark tanks and cephalopods. Across the street is the marine mammal building which house our manatees, dolphins and sea turtles.

The focus is on research, so their are no dophin shows. Most of the animals are rescue or rehab patients. Neat to see up close though.

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