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Thoughts about "List of Our Cuttlefish"


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Hi all,

I've promised to set up a List of Our Cuttlefish" like the one I keep at the top of Journals and Photos for octos.

I've been thinking about what information should be presented - the fact that cuttles are often kept in groups and don't have individual names makes it harder. One or two cuttles with names could be handled much the same as octos in the Octo List. For cuttles, I think we need to know how long a generation lives, so the end date should be when the last one passes away. I'd have to depend on you to make sure I get this information.

I'd like to have your input on what other things we'd like to track - probably aquisation date or date of birth, species, name of keeper. What about tank size?

Thanks for the help,

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