Those photos of presumably architeuthis


Apr 12, 2004
I can't find the original thread right now, about the photos here: (9 & 10)


Maybe somebody has already dont this, but I had a friend of mine translate the Japanese above the pics:

Daiou ika (ika=squid/ cattle fish): well-known deep-sea monster squid.

It's famous for its fight against sperm whale. This grown-up squid's body trunk is 2m long. The whole length including the "legs" (don't know how you call it) is estimated to be about 6m. The picture below is considered to be bigger than that; trunk length is 2m long, and 8m as a whole.
Looks like you can see the living eyes in the these as well... amazing pics! (Can't believe I missed it for so long...)

The original thread I believe you're referring to is here, but the pics you've linked to are different than the one being discussed there... unless I've missed another thread! :bonk:
Images 7 & 8 are of a thing called Megalocranchia (these images have been posted elsewhere); a couple of images that follow are of Architeuthis.

If you're referring to those white things as eyes, the large things, they're actually the distinctly enlarged suckers that are typical of this cranchiid genus.
I've highlighted here what I think the eyes are... the first one definitely looks like the eye to me... is the 2nd one?

Shudder ... Tony, couldn't you have used something other than the 'National Geographic' symbol to mark the eye?

The second is definitely a peek inside the mantle of the squid, behind the crest behind the head, where it 'joins' the anatomy (digestive gland, gills etc.) within the mantle (inside). The first one is almost certainly the eye.

As a complete aside, how do you electronic gurus embed those images in the body of the text ... rather impressive!
Some nice pics and good info here, thanks for posting :smile:

As far as embedding an image in a post is concerned, say for example that you have an image called example.jpg that is already uploaded to a website called To show the image, include the following text in the post:


Note that I put an error ( the extra space between and http) into that line so that the text would show up in this post. If the web address and image were really there, then omitting that space would allow the image to be seen in the post.

Thanks Carl,

To expound, if you don't have a Website you can upload to, you can simply create a new post, add your attachment, then post it. Then look at your posted note, and click on the attachment. Copy the URL for the attachment, and go back and Edit your post. Add the URL between the IMG tags as Carl noted. Note that the URL won't be proper on the Preview; your note must be posted before you can grab the URL!

Steve: ha! Didn't think about NG there! Thanks for the explanations.

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