This could cut down on vacation fun!

It seems NYC can't be left out either

I remember vacationing in FL as a teen (and being stung solidly snorkeling once) and later with my children and often seeing many Man-O-War on the beach, jelly fish in the surf (thanks for the hint OB, I had no idea Man-O-War were NOT jelly fish) and beach closings when they were too numerous. I have not seen them in years. The furthest back anyone has mentioned in these articles is 20 years and the time frame I refer to is 30 - 40 years ago. It seems we have not kept records before now. In this case, I can't help but wonder about cyclic trends. I don't doubt the problems and nothing bad can come of our heightened awareness but I am not sold about this "sign"
.... as for things that could kill a vacation (and planned field trips), how about this! We've honestly had the worst, wettest, coldest and most miserable winter here, with this sort of weather for the past 2.5 months! I've just cancelled today's field trip, again! No jellies turned up here yet, this winter, but every year there are claims that their numbers are growing.
Sigh. Today's weather! Three consecutive lows have belted us this week! The map looks like crap, but imagine being here. You can hardly even make out the outline of New Zealand it is that messy. The 'high' to the east never went over New Zealand ... we just have this seriously ugly trough of bad weather hanging over us.

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