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Thinking big...


Apr 23, 2005

I'm going to buy myself a 400 G tank. The idea is keeping a Bimac in it. Could I keep more than one Bimac in it ?

What are the difficulties in keeping multipe octos in one tank ?

Thx in advance!!

btw, very nice forum !!

Ow, and another thing, does anyone have experience in culturing a food supply by him/her self ? Shrimps and crabs... where can I find info on that ?


:welcome: to Tonmo!
I don't know if that is big enough for two bimacs...it may be...they can be quite territorial though, and if both want the same space in one corner of the tank, you are going to have some problems...you may have to go through a number before you hit on a compatible pair.

Looking forward to hearing more about this setup,
wow 700 gallons is a bit big ..... I wish I could get one like that are you making it ? one bimac could be cept in a 55 gallon minunum Id say if you want a big bimac you should get a 75 but 700 gallons It wouldent now it was in a tank can you send ne a picture thanks WOW

the idea is building it myself, if however, that should fail, I still know where to get a nice 300 G tank (but thats sump inc).

I'm going to build it out of 12mm glass, I hope that will be enough. And to be a little original I'm planning to make it in an L-shape. I've got my hobby 'room' in the basement, so the weight would be directly on the foundations of the building, allready checked it, that shouldn't be a problem. What seems more the problem to me is to have a construction that can carry the weight...

Maybe 400 is a little too big... But I was thinking if I made it that large, it might be possible to use the Joubert filtration technique, so I wouldn't need a huge filtration system.

I don't have it planned out exactly, still informing on several fronts :smile:

When the plan will be executed, I will devote a website to it, so you won't miss a thing :wink:

Greetings from the European front!
(ps: does anyone actually know where to get an O. Bimaculoides in Europe? I asked several Ifs but they only talk about O. Vulgaris... what a shame)
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