They hatch and are eating!!!!!


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 12, 2006

They hatched after about 1.5 months and have been eating for a few days now. I dont know what they are eating because I am feeding them so many different things. From plankton to babe brine. Any suggestions?



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For food you need small amphipods, mysids etc Brine shrimps are a VERY last resort and only for short periods of time, they must be newly hatched nauplii and if possible enriched. But I really don't recommend them it's like us living on lettuce with maybe a bit of mayo added!


oh no

I think its over with the babies. I made too many mistakes. The water got not so ideal last night from all the brine shrimp. To end it all when the mom died she inked alot into the tank. I dont know if the water changes or the ink killed them but they started to drop as soon as she inked. I has started them on rotifers which they seemed to love. I might try again sometime but I will be beter prepared. I was expecting them to hatch after a few months so I didnt have anything ready and had to scramble. Gestation is not 3 months. I posted some pics of the mom on her last moments. I've never seen such nice yellowish colors on her. She tried to eat but could not. She use to stick to the glass and change colors when she wanted food. She did that and I fed her. She took the food and as she was eating it I noticed her beak was gone. I think thats why she didnt eat. She didnt seem to have a mouth anymore. While I was searching for emergency food I fed them some reef bugs. I contacted the company who makes this and marc wies called me back himself and gave alot of helpful advice. They seemed to be taking the food at first but then seemed more interested in the rotifers.


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:sad: Sorry to hear that oriosz. Gestation is temperature dependant, so the eggs hatch faster in warmer water. After the female has laid her eggs it's not uncommon for them to stop feeding and they rarely restart. There is nothing you can do about that, unfortunately. Even if they do feed (as has happened with list members mother octis) they still die shortly after. :sad:

Also it's not uncommon to loose huge numbers of the hatchlings, its natural that's why they produce so many (still hard on devoted octo lovers). Rotifers are good but only for a day or so, then they need something bigger like amphipods and mysids and they need heaps, they are greedy little tykes (and apt to turn cannibal!) this is why at the aquarium we release all our babies (we actually prefer to release females before they breed. But sometimes nature takes it's course!) we just don't have the time to deal with baby octopus.



PS I don't think she's lost her beak, I think it's retracted into the buccal mass.

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