The Tank is Coming Together! (*pics*) Long Story ahead!


Pygmy Octopus
May 10, 2004
Ok so here's the deal. As some of you guys know, Jono (my future roommate) and I are going to keep an octopus while at college. This is my official accoount of the events up until now. We got a 55 gallon tank from an freind of his who had been keeping freshies in it. When we picked up the tank, we were appalled. The tank was shut off completely, the water clarity was terrible, and the sad part was....there were still fish in it. The tank had been abandoned, and these fish (the ones that were still alive) had not been fed or cared for since January, 5 months before we got the tank. He said he decided he didn't want them anymore, so he just waited for them to die. The fish were very sluggish, but two blue gouramis and some feeders were still alive, somehow. The feeders died over the next few days, as did the little gourami, but this one gourami had tenacity beyond belief and stayed with us as we nursed it back to health. Happy to report he is still with us today! As for the tank, boy did we have to scrub it, but it is as good as new! We got over $100 of stuff, plus the tank, FREE! He just didn't want it anymore, I guess. So now we've made a skimmer and it works! it's about two feet tall so it should do us for a while. we bought the powerhead for it and found an old air pump which sucks and will soon be replaced with an awesome one.
Thus ends Part I of the for you!

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