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The setup for a bimac

Apr 20, 2005
Iv recently seen alot of threads that say 30 gallon is not big anough for a bimac so I'v dicided on a new tank set up how does this sound a 75 gallon aquarium 30 gallon sump/refrung wich will hold various crabs and clams also a little shrimp and crayfish, a some live sand, 50 pounds of live rock so there is room for the bimac to swim and wonder, and a nice lighting system about 2 and a half wattsw per gallon if this set up gosent sound like a good on for a bimac please tell me so I dont have to deal with a nother death in my tank. I hade a disease breake out in my tank and kill all my fish If you have any info web pages or or stories about your bimacs I'd love to hear it allso ifany one nows if there is a chance that I could keep a more than one Bimica in this setup thanks
sounds like a nice setup for a bimac...but nope, you couldn't keep more than one in a tank that size...they are very territorial.
I dont now how long it will take for me to save up the money to get this set up so I might get a pygmy octopus in my 29 gallon with a 5 gallon sump/refung wile I save would this be a good idea? also ware can I get these things man they are no ware

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