The Return of Jebidiah has passed away.


O. vulgaris
Dec 22, 2004
Hello all. I wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone here know that my Briareus died last night. He was a wonderful pet, full of attitude, very outgoing and active, and he grew quite large. I don't know how many of you will remember me (I stopped posting a while back.) Jebidiah was a wild caught octopus, and he lived under my care for almost an entire year. His senescence period was quite short. He touched the lives of many of my friends and family. Thank you all for past help and your drive to keep these wonderful animals in the best of possible conditions.

David M. Frye, DVM
:angelpus: RIP.

Sorry to hear about your octo's passing. I certainly remember you and Jebidiah well, and I'm sad to hear about Return. Can we expect to see "Jebidiah 3 in 3-D" in the future?
Yes, I remember the original Jebidiah and The Return of Jebidiah. Sorry for your loss. RIP Jebidiah :angelpus:

I recorded that Jebidiah II arrived on August 2 of last year - you've had him for almost 12 months, which is a tribute to you as an octo keeper and wonderful that you had so long with him.

Hope there will be a Jebidiah III. Our members are finding briareus for sale as well as other species.

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