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the old crawfish(CRAB) in a coke bottle trick


Aug 21, 2004
i tried it casue ive seen on discovery how a crab will go inside a glass bottle and the octo will squeeze through it ,

this was my frist attempt , I need to find a deeper bottle as the crawfish was able to crawl out.

and I didnt have enough of an angle on it

butu , as the crawfish was coming out , the octo took a strike and the crawfish went back down to the bottom of the bottle,

the octo had his eye inside the bottl elooking at it , but never went hin ,

but the crawfish went back towards the front and the octo stuck a tentacle in and caught him and now is eating him.

i cant wait until the next time to see if he goes inside the bottle

by the way , does crawdads have any nutritional value to them for octos.
Interesting experiment!

Yes, crawdads or crawfish have nutritional value for octopuses. They are a kind of land lobster. Octos seem to find very tasty.

I heard that they were not healthy for them because they lack the amino-3's or something.I used to feed mine crawdads then I was told this,so then I started feeding sally light foots and emeralds with frozen foods too.

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