The official 'dodgy fossil for sale' thread


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Nov 19, 2002
Apologies for the lack of fossil cephalopod news everyone. This isn't due to lack of trying to find it, there just doesn't seem to be much happening out there at the moment. As soon as something happens we'll be there.

In the meantime, it might be fun if we posted images or links'dodgy' fossils for sale.

How about these ever so convincing dragonflies for example: :wink:

Right-oh and Yep, I'm convinced this is genuine too
well naturally theyre legit, because theres never been any dishonesty about fossils coming out of china......


to the untrained eye (me) at least the second one doesnt look like a grade school art project....
2nd one looks like they had never actually seen a real dragonfly before LOL
bigGdelta said:
hey Phil what would a real one cost?

Not exactly sure there, bigGdelta, but I would have thought at least $1000 dollars, and maybe a lot more.

Buy two, get one free! :smile:
Thanks very much for that link, Ob. I've often wondered how exactly those endless fake e-Bay Keichousaurs were made. And now I know.

It's easy to say that 'there's one born every minute', but some of those fakes are really convincing.

Oh bum, now I'm going to have to have a good look through my trilobite collection as that site has made me feel quite paranoid about some of my specimens.

Well, actually I might wait until 2006 to do that.


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Definitely mammalian, strong bovine impression (see attached) with horns stuck on and a bit of mud for good measure. You have to love the muddy dog skulls by this fellar: "rare large dinosaur skull"... whahaha!!!

PS: Added chousingha skull for comparison, I don't think they grow horns to the size of the so called four horned dino as pictured in the previous post...
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