The Kraken


Nov 7, 2004
Hello! I'm an illustrator who had to make some art for a mythological creature book. I was assigned to illustrate the Kraken, and since I used so many images on this site for reference, I thought I may upload it here, since I don't know how to upload a picture to the gallery.

During the cold periods of the world, the Krakens slumber, deep within tombs of ice. But eventually there comes a time when the oceans warm, the waters rise, and the polar ice yields. With their helmetlike shells, the Krakens break free from the frost into the oceans, giving them free reign over all the waters until the ice returns.

Terrific picture. I especially like the surprising use of white space; it makes the beast look even more gargantuan in scale.

I've been re-acquainting myself with my comic book collection, lately, and found that some of my favorite artists from the '70s worked out of the Philipines. You've got a rich tradition behind you.

Hope to see more. Welcome to TONMO.


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