Krakenologist from Down Under


Nov 5, 2017
Wellington, NZ
Hi everyone! I am a life-long cephalopod fanatic and have finally released the Kraken (who then summoned Dread Lord Cthulhu) on a momentous journey to Antarctica with the largest, all-female scientists expedition. To overcome the various issues I encountered, both on the ship and after, I got some serious help from my tentacled lair mates.

As much as it can be challenging sometime to live with two dread lords usually summoned to smite humanity for its arrogance and hubris, as much do I love having them around. I'd love to hear from other Krakenologists and ceph lovers, especially if you enjoy our blog or have anything you'd like to share on it. It delves into all things tentacles: biology, mythology, humour, news, art and a good dose of self-help when those Gorgons get you down. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
Hi! Thanks so much, it is such a labour of love... I have been obsessed with cephalopods (particularly octopods) since I was a little kid, one of the main reasons why I studied marine ecology. It took this journey to Antarctica with all its dramas to release the Kraken in the end :smile:

Am very grateful for any likes, shares or re-posts. It is still very much in its infancy in terms of readership. Sea

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