The exploits of Greenpeace & Kat

Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
Well, our dear Kat is rather excited about what is to happen over the coming month. There is so much at stake.

Although there should be regular updates on the Greenpeace site, Kat will do her level best to provide us with a Tonmo exclusive, sending me updates as often as is humanly possible, that of course I'll post online ... with a little added reference to Neil Diamond (to be expected). In fact when I left the Warrior this eve I am pleased to announce that she was singing along to his all-time classic "I am, I said" .... rosey cheeked, happy, excited, and armed with plankton nets, pottles, formalin and alcohol (to collect a few octopus and squid whilst out and about in international waters). They cast anchor in little more than a few hours.

What an experience this will be for her! Make sure you pay your Greenpeace subscriptions; this is one massive, altruistic undertaking on their part!
I'd like to opt the rights for that comic book...
Congrats and best wishes go with her!
... well, there they go. Matthew Jones (here at AUT) took this pic.

Well, she's alive and well, and here's the first wee update. Only a couple of days before the fun begins.
Howdy, it's me! I'm not allowed to send (or receive) attachments (e.g. images) but that may change depending on the circumstances. There's nothing to send at the moment anyway - Roger Grace's camera equipment got re-routed to Korea, of all places, so we have to wait until it arrives tomorrow. [Ed, Roger is a very well known, acclaimed and respected underwater cameraman here in New Zealand].

We're just coming into Matauri Bay for a ceremonial wreath-throwing over the sunken Rainbow Warrior [her final resting place after French saboteurs blew her up in Auckland]. The weather's fine, swell is small (though we rolled a lot in the night) and the sun's out. I have had absolutely no stomach trouble so far, so I'm feeling optimistic for the trip.

Nothing terribly exciting to report yet, but I'll keep in touch once things start happening for real. Everyone on the boat loves Neil Diamond; it's so nice to be amongst such fellow appreciative admirers - you'd fit right in out here [ :wink: ].
I cant say that i approve of her friends, but hope she has fun/gets something done.....

Masterful stroke by the french that was.... :thumbsup: :cthulhu: :thumbsup:
Well, the french EOD team did try to surrender the vessel to the germans first, but they couldn't find the title to the ship. I'm amazed they got the colours on the wires right. "Sacre bleau ! EEz it the red one or the white one?"

Hope Kat has a safe trip...those fishermen can get nasty (as I am sure she well knows)
I do wonder about her sanity..."everyone loves N. D. ????"
As was to be expected, most filthy and foul weather has been hit; we're in the midst of a stinking great mid-winter storm down here .... and you-know-who is in the midst of it out at sea.
Just thought you guys might be interested to know the conditions we are in today. 30-40 knot winds, rain, and 2m swell which doesn't sound big but is enough to break over the side occasionally, and, if you look out the front of the bridge, you can see only sky one minute and only sea the next. Those of us feeling slightly iffy are camped out in the bridge listening to Johnny Cash (captain's choice) and downing soda crackers like there's no tomorrow. It's actually not so bad when I can get my mind off it - reading or emailing is better than watching the bow pitch around - but it might be a long day.

Apparently (someone just said) we are rocking through about 90 degrees, meaning we heel over 45 degrees to starboard and then right back over 45 degrees to port. Well, we all knew this would be an adventure, and it's also apparently nothing compared to what they had on the Tasman on the way over from Australia.
Wheeee! :heee:


[Ed, she'll be right. We did one survey aboard my tiny wee pea-green boat that had us spend ~ 2 hours heading offshore in 3-4 metre seas, and we lost the windscreen wiper 2 seconds into the journey when a wave broke over the bow. She handled that like a dream, both boat and Kat, so I think the soda crackers are just a precautionary measure. The winds have abated, but it's still rather wet, onland that is]
"Orange roughy stocks were sustainable"

Since when can a fish that lives at depth until the ripe old age of 150, not breeding until 30 or 40 years old with low fecundity be part of a sustainable fishery???????????????? :shock:


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