The Calamari Wrestler


Nov 8, 2003
I've been a bit of a stranger in these parts recently but I popped back with this gem and as I couldn't find a thread on it.....

Synopsis: Straight from its exciting theatrical release, The Calamari Wrestler is a hilarious action comedy about a young girl who falls in love with a Giant Squid, who is a Championship Wrestler. Things go out of control when an evil Giant Octopus and Lobster scheme to take over the Championship for themselves.

Direct link to trailer (the actual page has some pretty dodgy ads on it):

Its out in a week and a half on DVD in the States:

There is even a Calamari Wrestler doll:

Yes Asia (US)
Yes Asia (global)
I've been waiting for this gem to become a U.S. DVD release for a while! The theme song is amazing!
erich orser said:
The "dodgy" link mystified me: could not get to trailer.

Ahhhhhhh sorry it was an old link - I've also been tracking this for a while. I'll see what I can dig out.

I found a couple of links but my browser isn't happy wth the QuickTime movie but you may have better luck (I hope they aren't of something foul):

I have the original trailer on my hard disc - its a 6.7Mb WMV file but if you want it email me via the board and I'll email it to you. Watching it again has only gone and got my awfully excited about this again!! Someone who saw it at the Fantasia film festival says the audience in the movie theatre went crazy for the film

It seems similar to Kaiju Big Battel:

See more of an explanantion here:

but of course the forced faux-Japanese-style cannot compare to the real thing. :wink:
I LOVE Kaiju Big Battel, actually - wish they'd do West Coast events more often! I went to on my own earlier, and wasn't able to get it to load either.

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