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Thanks for such a great site!


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I have been a SW hobbiest for over a decade and I must say this is the best support site I have ever seen! Everyone is so helpfull and the post are realy informative. It is nice to see hobbiest help each other out without getting a superiority complex.

Thanks again from me too...

I am very aware of the superiority complexes that hobbyists can get and try very hard to keep the forums as friendly and informative as possible without all the flaming and namecalling that so often happens elsewhere on forums.

Its the members that make the site and long may that continue :smile:

While that may be true, it is hard to find a post that does not get replied to by at least 1 mod on this forum. You all really run a good board!! It seems if you need the help of an expert here, a mod is likely to give you a good and helpful answer within about 24 hours. I think that's really cool and I appreciate it too!!

Robert :cyclops:
Oh my gosh...perhaps we aren't being superior enough??? Tony...say something superior. Come on Colin, get harsh. :lol:
Yeah, I agree with allyaall...there are other boards that hash everybody about everything from soup to nuts, and getting info is like finding a gold doubloon on the sidewalk in Jersey...most of us are fairly nice.
Except for WK and I...but we do most of our bashing in the members area, so that works out. :biggrin2:
That, and I guess I have been blathering too much about non-ceph stuff...sorry about that!

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