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Tentacles in gills

Aug 6, 2003
Just wondering if this was normal, I read an article about it here by Jason Scott. Pudge does it once or twice a day, then breathes harder for 30 - 40 seconds, other than that Pudge is doing spiffy :mrgreen:

I've seen this a couple of times with P. cordiformis and O.warringa I'm assuming it's a "grooming" thing, quite often it's accompanied by frenzied writhing of the arms over the entire body surface!! They really tie themselves in knots :biggrin2:

Unless Pudge shows sign of ill health (not eating, bad colour, skin sloughing, constant heavy breathing etc ) I wouldn't worry too much


Pudge has been eating well, eats 3 to 4 pieces of krill a day and occasionly I'll give him a ghost shrimp (no more crabs since he won't eat for a day or to after I give him one and run out) He turns a dark chocolate brown when he's in his hole and breathes slow most of the time. He almost caught the blue damsel last night, he hid in the biggest shell, the damsel came by and he grabbed it, but the damsel managed to get away.

The octos shed the top layer off of their suckers almost everyday and part of the process seems to involve rubbing them off and using the syphon to blow the disks away... keeps the suction ability at full strength i suppose :smile:
I noticed my cuttlefish doing that occasionally too, sometimes just before going for a prey. I thought it was trying to clear its gut for the next meal. :P

Ollie does exactly what Pudge does, probably at least once a day. I've always thought he was trying to clear himself out, too. He often blows particles out of his siphon - undigestible fragments perhaps. So it must be quite normal.

Just bought a really nice piece of rock at the LFS today, and found 3 small blue anemones. Just wondering if these will be okay or if Pudge will sting himself.
Hard to say without knowing what species it is but I'd advise against keeping octos and anemones together
Okey dokey. I'm not too sure what they are now, they've got long bodies under the tentacles, changed color to brown, and kind of seem like tiny feather duster worms. Either way, I'm bringing them back. There's now at least six of them and they haven't gotten out of the rock completely yet. Any ideas on getting them out? I also spotted a tiny little transparent thing hiding in the rock. I didn't know if it was good or bad so I attempted to smoosh it, it got away. There was a small green emerald crab on it too, he's "disappered" now. All that stuff on a 3/4 pound rock!
Can you get a pic then, maybewe'll be able to tell if it is harmful. The transparent animal might be an amphipod which small octos like to feed on.
Pudge grabbed one a yesterday and didn't seem hurt, but I took them back. There were a total of 9 little tentacled things. :bugout: I'm thinking Pudge ate everything else, found the crab body, no trace of the transparent thing in the rock.

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