Tentacle regrowth?


Dec 19, 2005

Excited to hear about the photo by the Japanese of the giant squid, I was also dismayed to hear about it's struggle and loss of it's tentacle. I found your site searching to satisfy my curiosity if it's possible that may regrow? Do we have any idea if the stress from this encounter may cost it it's life? Wondering whether to hold the creature in my thoughts as a martyr for it's species or if "all is well" in it's world.

(Guess I'm still sentimental from an interaction with a Bahamian lobster while learning to dive 25 years ago. Unfortunately I took it's leg and I'll never forget it's scared sound from our encounter.)

Thank you very much!
Susan in Sacramento
Hi there Susan in Sacramento.

If the squid was a little younger then I would say, without reservation, that the tentacle would have regrown. However, as this appears to have been a fully grown squid, and because they die shortly after mating anyway, it is unlikely that the tentacle would have regrown prior to its imminent, natural mortality.

The loss of a tentacle is not a major, as these squid (or at least other species with which we are more familiar) do not always use the tentacles for food capture; often they 'abandon' tentacle use and actually lunge forwards towards prey and restrain it with just the arms; it is likely that Architeuthis can do this also, feeding both with and without the tentacles.

We certainly do not condone mistreatment of animals on this site, but it must be borne in mind that the loss of the tentacle was an accident; the Japanese duo certainly did not intend to snare the animal.

A big :welcome: to you, I should add.
Thank you Steve!!!
What great news--I believed their contribution would have been greater than the mishap, but now I feel so more wholeheartedly thanks to your additional information.
Thank you for your prompt response and welcome--
what a super site!
Bright Wishes,

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