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Tank Size


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Dec 20, 2002
West Palm Beach, Florida
Well, you can't win them all. My 1998 four part article on keeping cuttles has lots of good information about food and tank mates but one big mistake that I thought I'd corrected. 40 gallons is way too small for a full sized adult common cuttlefish. 100 gallons is more like it. The juveniles can be kept in large groups but the adults need room. Multiple males in any size system can cause problems.

The common cuttlefish (S. officinalis) and Pharaoh cuttlefish (S. pharaonis) are more or less the same size. The biggest life history difference is the pharo likes it warm and has a life span about half as long as it's Mediterranean cousin.

As for Metasepia, those guys are much smaller and can be housed in a much smaller systems. We would all like to breed them. Waikiki Aquarium and the NRCC have tried and as far as I know still haven't had any luck.

James Wood
Bermuda Biological Station
Thanks very much for posting that here James :smile:

Pay attention cuttle people :biggrin2:
thanks for clarifying that - your article was one of the triggers for me getting into the hobby and a great resource second only to talking to other ceph owners

i did notice that there was little on tank size specifics!!! good to see it filled in!! thanks dr wood

i managed to find info on tonmo though and have a 150 g tank
Thanks, James, for clarifying this point.
Colin is right - listen up, all you who are interested in cuttles - big tanks for your cuttles! :cuttle: :smile:

i was going to get a 120g for my cuttel, they come in two sizes 4'longx2'deepx2'tall

which would be better, longer or deeper (by deeper i mean front to back)?

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