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Tank size and temp for O. briareus (was "Question")


Oct 16, 2007
I am looking at getting an Octopus Briareus.....however, i have searched and searched and cannot find anything specific on careing for this species.

I want to know what size tank you would recommend and the temp. you recommend keeping him at....

If anyone knows of a link to information on them it would be greatly appreciated...

Oh and one more question.... what would be the recommended substrate to keep him on?

I'm not really experienced at this but i also plan on getting one and from what I've found out i know the tank should be around 55 gallons or bigger, and that the temp. should be 72-78* Fahrenheit. They need substrate thats smooth and isn't coarse. I'm sure there are people much more experienced with this though, and they can probably give you more specific information.
I found i learn the most by just reading all the posts related to briareus, so if you do a search you'll find several helpful links.
Egor was a briareus, so searching for Egor can get a lot of info on Carol's experiences... this is a good thread: 3 Weeks for Egor and Gimpy Update

A lot of the info in the ceph care section about bimacs applies pretty well to briareus too, except for temperature.

oh, and :welcome: SandV

why does it have to be smooth sand? I have shell substrate and I don't really want to take it out and start a new sand bed.... If I do that how long do you think i should wait before adding a octo.... It is currently an established tank that has been up for a couple of years and has no fish so there are LOTS of pods...
An octopus has delicate skin and needs a smooth substrate - I don't know how this would work tank-chemistry wise, but perhaps you could put 1/2 inch of smooth sand over what you have.

that sound like a much better idea then switching it... however... I understand the some octo's dig in the sand or burry themselves... I don't want him to get hurt... does the briareus dig...
I have another question... how many people have power heads in with there octo... I am worried that it could hurt him or he would try and take it.. how do i keep him from taking it?
I personally think the shells should be removed. Better safe than sorry. Powerheads shouldn't be a problem as long as they are secured. The intakes should be covered with sponge, and you might glue them on so they can't be pulled off.
I wouldn't glue them until you get your octopus and he is overly-curious about them. If you ever need to take it apart it will be difficult to take the glued piece off. Glue to use would be super glue gel, I know I'm going to spell this wrong, cyanoacryllite. If you glue take powerhead and intake tube out of water, put glue on one end, hold it for 30 seconds to a minute, then dip in it water which will make the glue form a "shell" a speed the hardening process. Hold it for a minute or two in the water (just wait til you think it's hardened enough to hold itself, then place the powerhead where you want. I would wait at least a half hour before turning the powerhead on after gluing.
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