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Tank setup for a S.Bandensis.


Jun 27, 2005
Hey there.. im currently in the process of drawing up plans for a 52 gallon tank to house a bandensis (or more if possible) and soft corals such as zoo's and shrooms.

I was just curious on what rate of circulation I will need, is a heavy rate safe for keeping bandensis or not? Will MH lighting be overkill for my cuttle or will he be fine?

More question to come. :lol:
Hi Milchy,

First thing I would encourage you to do is have a look at Righty's website which is DaisyHillCuttleFarm.Com (sure he wont mind me linking it).

It has a fair bit of basic info on how he has kept his S Bandensis. We've both had a bit of luck rearing these guys, although as my website isn't up and running at the moment (soon fingers crossed!) I'm happy to help out as much as you need on here, or by PM/email.

Can I ask what primary filtration you plan on having? If you are using purely Live Rock, they flow will need to be suitable to attain good filtration from the rock without leaving dead spots. If you are using mechanical methods, flow still needs to be sufficient to eliminate dead spots to prevent nuisance algae growing, but i would imagine depending on scaping you could get away with a lower flow.

I'm using a live rock and skimmer only filtration method, and I run the tank on a closed loop system with protected outlets (as you dont want cuttles getting sucked into them), and two pumps run it at close to 3000 gph each.

My S Bandensis babies are still small at the moment (maybe 1 and a bit inches total length) and they have encountered the full jet coming form the closed loop. Suprisingly they are strong little swimmers I have found.

You should remember Bandensis spends a lot of time "walking" on the tank bottom, so even if you have higher flow higher up in the tank, it may not bother them too much.

Let us know your proposed set up, and location would be good too, and I'm sure more will chip in.

PS :welcome: to TONMO

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