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Tank coming along nicely


Mar 19, 2005
Just a minor update, and then the long wait for the cycling process begins :biggrin2:

Here's the latest:

I'm cycling the tank using live rock:

The PVC is not yet in the tank.

Previous bare tank (2 weeks ago):



Tank with flash on:


Tank with flash off:


I'll post again when there's something to update - probably 2 months from now when the cycling is finished, or possibly when I put the PVC and hamster/ferret tunnels in lol! =o)
mdz said:
Hey , looks cool, what size is your tank.
What you gonna put in there?

Thanks! It's a 30 gallon, but seems bigger, probably because I don't have a deep sand bed. Once the tank is cycled and I add some more live rock and PVC/Hamster/Ferret tunnels I am putting a baby octopus in :smile:
Colin said:
are you going to add more rock too?

Yes DEFINITELY! Currently there's only 10 lbs, I will have probably 30 lbs before the octo gets there (plus assorted PVC/hamster/ferret tunnels) so he/she will have plenty of places to explore/play/hide/sleep :wink:
live rock looks really good in a tank too, as well as its ability to breakdown nitrate :smile:
Colin said:
live rock looks really good in a tank too, as well as its ability to breakdown nitrate :smile:

I know, it looks so much better now that a couple pieces are in! I am also going to have macro algae and a brittle star to help with the nitrates in addition to the regular weekly water changes. And remember, a 20% water change is a lot easier on a 30 gallon than a 100 gallon :biggrin2:
and cheaper too :smile:

are you using RO water? have you checked it for nitrates?
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