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Talking about tanks and everything...(im new!)


May 16, 2005
Hey everyone,
I live in Senlis, France (im french..!), and really hope to set up a tank for cuttlesfish. My only problem is....i have a small buget..
I was thinking, instead of using a tank, why not use a king of large bowl/basin ??? more like a small pool.?? (I think that this is used in research centers.....) is it not a problem if the animals only get light from the top??
Talkin about the animals.....does anyone know what SMALL species of cuttlefish are available? i already know about the S. bandensis and the Euprymna scolopes. I am looking for 2 animals in 30 gallon of water...
I really hope that you will find some time to answer my questions !!!
:welcome: Robin!!!
be sure to read Colin's article on keeping cuttles...it contains a wealth of information for you...Nancy has written some great ceph care articles that might help you with your tank decision too...all under "ceph care"...

ye i have done that already... but only aquariums are mentioned, whereas i was more thinkin about an "inside pond"....
what do you think?
We had a long running debate last summer about using small pools for squid that ended in a stalemate...I do believe Jean kicked in some info on using ponds in regards to cephs...hmmmm...anyone?

i cannot find that talk about ponds and cuttlesfish....
anyone remembers wat the main points of it were??? and what conclusion came out???
plz share your memories with me !!! :nyah:

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