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Oct 7, 2004
This is for poeple who likes to add in something or chat about the Narritive...

1) My name is Eric, Erich is someone else, Eric ( who is actually quite smart for a 14 yr old) is Chrono_war01. Erich, it's not you in the story, and his mentor might be called: ( I kno this spells differently if you read the books from where I get the name)
Darius Shan
Larten Cresply
Steve Lepoardo
Steve O'shea
Alexander Romanov
Or just Eric's mentor ( who I will insist on calling him Steve O'Shea or Larten)
It seems that the story is running with these characters so far:
Dan/Daniel : captain, a depressed man worried about finances and scared by something in his past.
Eric: 1st mate...somewhat clumsy, but of good intent.
Albatross: the 147 foot ship with a shallow draft, prone to being skittish on the open sea.
Dunno yet...he is the captain, but that may not necessarily be the same...hmmm...the plot thickens.
... I'm confused, so far I've determined that Dan and Eric (not erich) are albatrosses sailing aboard the chrono_war01, and have just recently run into a thinckening plot. I guess that makes sense when you think about it standing on your head! Anyway, if the stories any good it has to contain waffles, so...

Dan and Eric were sitting in the cabin of their ship calmy eating waffles, when suddenly a giant octopus came swimming out of the thickening plot!

What's Eric's mum's name?

Oh darn, I've been online so long I burnt the spuds :mad:

Guess it's back to beans and sausages tonight.

What all this got to do with mums?
Fact: My mom's name is Jackie ( Not Jacky)

By the way while I was looking at the web for games, I cam across a interesting artcile about how someone has putted motion-dectecing cameras in the sea with a jellyfish lure that has pretty lights on it, and the lure flashes intervals of flashes that experts say might be to attract bigger predators to eat one that's attacking a jellyfish. It also serves as a tool to see how life goes on after after we move away from the site with our annoyingly bright lights and noise from the sub. They took pics of a large ( but not giant) squid, a 6 or 7 gill shark ( don't remember and some other stuff.
Anyone seen the site?

This thread's name is supposed to be Talk Rambling Ceph, however, you can't change it.....
Also poeple, go and continue to write poeple! Since you can't continue with only a person that keeps on droning on and on and me.
Add in a new plot, a new sub plot, a paragraph, a sentence, whatever!!! Just write poeple!!!

I strongly reccomend using the word waffles.
So there they were, consuming waffle after waffle, when Jackie burst into the room, chased by the toaster. "Eric", she yelled. "OFF THE COMPUTER!! Do your homework!!" At that moment Slithery, Eric's pet tree-octopus, dropped his waffles and in a fit of excitement lept from the bedpost, clambered up Jackie's leg and perched himself atop her head. Arms, legs, suckers, slime and ink flew in every direction. Jackie dropped her Milo and ran screaming from the room. The confused toaster scurried after her.

Dr Steve O'Shea, talk about being indecent! :mad: Why in the world are you sneaking arounding my house and looking at my PRIVATE diary! Wait, I'll turn off the computer and do some howwork now, ( after I get Slithery off the toaster which is perched on top of my mom's head... :lol:
please continue with the story!
I'm waiting.....since i can't just write the whole story out myself...please one paragraph, 1 sentence, whatever! Just write

Now I'm going to pour maple syrup over my waffles.
( We need a waffle and eating waffle icon)

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