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At that moment Slithery, Eric's pet tree-octopus, dropped his waffles and in a fit of excitement lept from the bedpost, clambered up Jackie's leg and perched himself atop her head. Arms, legs, suckers, slime and ink flew in every direction.

I love tree octopuses, thay are the coolest. I wish I had one.

By the way, what ever happened to the guys sitting in the boat that was running head on into a thickening plot?
GPO87 said:
...what ever happened to the guys sitting in the boat that was running head on into a thickening plot?

He's still going strong on another thread
Nice going Steve, you just ended the story before the end of chapter 1.
But we could continue with that as his main chartacter, but why the anti-Eric? What's wrong with my name, I think it's very nice. LOL, just being a bit sad here. :sad: ( See I told you I'm sad!)
No, let's not. Let's delete the Jack part...

Steve O'Shea said:
A tear fell on the meal .... they commenced their descent. It would be six hours before they reached the bottom. Six long hours. And the waters were dangerous ... riddled with taniwha, giant squid, and the colossal two-jawed fangiwhale.

Whats a taniwha two-jawed fangiwhale?

Everyone who wants to delete the Jack part say Aye!
Unpopular post on my part ay? Hmmmmm. You seriously want me to reconsider?

It's not over yet ... note the 'premonition' comment. It was part true, and partly a glimpse into the future ... maybe. Perhaps all of this will happen all over again ... or perhaps Jack will have this recurring dream again ... and we can find out whether the cables supporting the sub get fouled in reef, on a whale, or have broken altogether.

Anti-Eric? No. Jack is, no doubt, about to meet an Eric, and his dream will start to make sense.
Oh, jolly good, I like the name Eric, Eric is such a good name. :lol:
And if anyone in interested, I have made a version that makes sense.Download now!
What's that creature about 2-jawed whales and taniwhai?
Well, this is getting werider by the moment, would someone please see the modified version.
If anyone knows which direction I want the stroy to go to, see the under water shooting game thread also started by me.
Ok poeple, listen up we have an update here:
Dan - Ship's captain ( NOT Eric's mentor)
Eric - Sidekick
Eric's mentor - Well, Eric's mentor...
Alberto - Sucessful chef and pro-fisher

To be added:
Greg - Rescued reseracher + Eric's good pal
Jack - Guy in Dream + Soon to meet Eric

Kraken - Badass Octo living in a sunken Spainish Galleon
Sharks and pals - Currently in Pacific killing salvage crew of USS Vanguard and Yamato
O'l Archie - Giant Squid that has lights
Nessie - Soon to be seen in Chapter 10 if noboby messes with my plot.
Medusa - Large lethal jellyfsh that like to collide with humans
Giant Anglerfish - Giant Deep Sea Anglerfish that is large enough to eat sumersibles and will gladly do so.

Mre will be coming soon if no one here's messes with me or one of the creature lists will say Kraken - Currently devouring ignorant fourm members. You have been warned.
Well, I'm glad that you've gone to the point of outlining the story, but this one is unscripted...that is half the fun ! Other members have posted stories before, maybe you should write a full length one and put it up for us to read ? I enjoy your writing!

Hmmm...time to twist the plot.
I'm catching up slowly, and I had to post that the Greg/Eric dream confusion is reminescent of a Stanislaw Lem book. I'm thinking of the novel that starts with the hilarious scene in which the narrator is not dreaming but taking short steps backward through time, just enough to get punched by his slightly younger self. :lol:

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