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Taking the plunge!


O. vulgaris
Oct 19, 2005
Well my tank is ready for an occupent so I made the purchase from octopets tonight. No clue when I'll be getting the shipment but I'll receive a tracking number soon I hope.

I bought a Bimac from octopets along with 200 feeder clams...

My question is how long will those clams last me? and how long before I should start feeding him other things, like frozen food and fidler crabs?
Hey, neat ! be sure to post some pics of the little guy once he has settled in...always nice to see octo tanks !
The clams should last you quite a while...but, he may grow bored of eating them before you run out, so trying out new food items often might not be a bad idea.

Yes, Greg's right. Start introducing other food along with the clams. Depending on how big your bimac is at the time he arrives, he'll eat at least three clams a day. I suppose you've found the threads where we suggest putting them in a little plastic lid for feeding, so they don't bury in the sand.

You need to feed him as much as he'll eat, and if you can, feed him a couple of times a day.

When your little bimac arrives, tell us and let us know his name and he'll be added to the List of Our Octopuses.

Good luck!

Cant wait im so excited :smile:

I hope to get him some time next week. I've never worked with octopets before and so far all they have emailed me is a invoice for my purchase.

Should I recieve a fedex tracking number when they ship it out ? :nyah: I'm used to dealing with liveaquaria lol, I'm so worked up lol. Dont wanna miss it when it gets here.
They'll send you a DHL tracking number when they send it out the afternoon before. Do you know that Octopets has stock? You might be waiting. :hmm:

I sure hope not :frown:

I ordered it late last night so assuming its going to be shipped next week sometime. I didnt recieve any kind of notice about if its an out of stock order. I'll give them a call tomorow to check :smile:

I already have a good name for the little guy... Calamari, Camari for short
Octopets isn't known for their communication skills. Give them a call and send them an email. Just say you want to know when they plan to ship so you can be sure to be home that morning.


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