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Feb 15, 2003
in between browsing different websites looking for another knife for the kitchen (if i really need another) and debating if i really want to drop a wad of cash on a knife i wouldn't use every day, i noticed something...

the style of knife that i was used to seeing in the production of sushi was referred to as 'yanagi' or something to that effect.... what caught my eye was that the term was constantly specified as a western japanese name.... it turns out that apparently in eastern japan the blade (with a blunt rather than pointed tip) might be known as a 'takohiki'

so i wonder... any connection to hacking on takos?

can any tonmoers shed some light on this?

Tako hiki (Japanese: literally, octopus-pull), and fugu hiki (Japanese: literally, pufferfish-puller) are long thin knives used in the Japanese kitchen, belonging to the group of Sashimi bocho (Japanese: to prepare sashimi, sliced raw fish and seafood. Similar to the nakiri bocho, the style differs slightly between Tokyo and Osaka. In Tokyo, the yanagi ba has a pointed end, whereas in Osaka the tako hiki has a rectangular end. The tako hiki is usually used to prepare octopus. As the name indicates, the fugu hiki is traditionally used to slice very thin fugu sashimi.
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