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Sump size


Blue Ring
Nov 30, 2016
hello, I'm concerned about my sump. I have a 65 gallon tank preparing to buy a bimac octopus and my wet dry filter that is rated for 65 gallons, I was wondering if I have to buy a sump 3x the size of the tank like they recommend or if I can just keep the wet dry I have and just buy a protein skimmer rated up 220 gallons. I'm 17 and tight on money, so it would be helpful to know the right way to go. Thanks.
WOW. Not sure where you read you need a sump 3x the size of the tank but it not true. Maybe its the other way around. Tank 3x the sump. Your wet dry is a great set up for an Octo. wet/drys are great at cycling waist but not very good and getting rid of nitrates. The octo does not care about nitrates so your fine. Are you using bio balls? I will give you some examples. My 93g has a 25g sump but only has about 15g in it at any time unless the power goes out. My 90g has about a 30g sump and runs about 20g normally. My 40 has on oversized sump which is about 25g. "Its just what I had when I set it up and it fit".
Your skimmer sounds great and should do a good job. Sounds like you have everything you need. Good luck.
I actually read that off this website. I am using bio balls for my wet dry, thank you for the information, you saved me a lot of money.
If you could find it and tell me where it is I would really appreciate it. I would like to get that removed. How is life in Little falls? I am from the Iron Range. Moved to FL when I was 16 so about your age
I found that information under the ceph care, then They have an article on the equipment needed to start an octopus tank, you'll find it there.

Life in little falls is very cold. It's about 1 degree out currently, but we have great summers. I have always wanted to move to Florida and I plan on it after college.
I am from Virginia MN. between Duluth and Int falls. yes I remember the winters. That's why I live in FL lol. Summers were nice accept for the mosquitoes "MN State bird" and the horse flies that were monsters. Just to rub it in a bit its 76 right now LOL
Thanks for the info. I will try to get that fixed.
Have you had salt water before? If you have kept a reef before and it did well then IMO you will do fine with an octo tank.
I have a 50 gallon reef system and still have it today. I was thinking about converting it to an octopus tank, but I couldn't do it, I love it to much. I am ready for the challenge of an octopus. I have done lots of research and have to asked to people about it. To most people, it seems to be a challenging creature to keep, I am excited to take on the challenge.
It's possible I read it wrong, It said something about getting bigger filters for an octopus compared to a fish only system. Thanks for checking.
I have not had a bunch of time but looked through some of ceph care and did not find it. If you misread it no problem. I just want to make sure someone else doesn't get misinformed.
Do you have fish?? If not most reef systems are ok for tropical octos like a O.merc or a O.briareus though 50g might be a bit small for a O.briareus.
If you look through the journals you can see I kept a Briareus in a 90 full reef. His name was Tranny. I am sure others have done it also. Just a few corals you should not have but most are ok. Just a thought.
that's a cool idea, but I've had the fish for quite awhile and they are really healthy so I don't want to get rid of them. Thanks though.

I actually have another question. Do you know of any place where I could buy a California two spot octopus? I heard this is the best species to get for Octo beginners.
Ok, that's cool, do you know of any place that sells octopus either online or pet shop, A bimac octopus would be best.

Do you have an octopus?
Yes I do. But as you know I live in FL. The one I have now a friend of mine found it wile collecting shells. Right now I don't where to get any. Several members here are looking. I have made promises to other members that if I come across any that I would ship them. Have no issue making you number 3 on that list. Crab season is in and sometimes octos are found in crab traps. I have 2 crabbers looking.
If you want to see mine check out "Intro Casper" in the journals. I have several vids there
cool! I would love to be number 3 on the list. I have to get the rest of my filtration first, but I'll let you know when I'm ready. I'll check those journals of yours, thanks.