striped pyjama squid


Dec 31, 2004
we got this little fellow same time we got our occie but hes gone now he is called a stripped pyjama squid as you can tell by his stripy pjs he has on


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Absolutely beautiful !!! Mucho jealousy from us here in the desert!!!
I've seen photos of this squid in books, but I never thought a TONMO member would show up with the pajama squid in his tank!

What's he like - looks like the quiet type. :smile:

pj squid

he was about as big as a large peach and was very quiet spent most of his time under the sand but i thought you guys would like to see what we can get over here just of the beach
Beautiful little guy- one of my favorites as you can probably tell from my avatar.
Big as a peach you say! I always thought they were like the cuttles from Vancouver Island- just a couple inches long.
Very exciting

How long did you have it for? did it die or get let go again? Did it eat in captivity?

did i say cool?

PS start looking for their eggs! They'd ship well to Scotland :smile:
Unfortunately he died, collected him along the beach and died before i could get the other tank up and running properly, but was eating and hunting well. I believe they are quite common in the area we were, I just happened upon him while scouring the rocks on the reef. He was in very shallow water, and i think that is their preferred territory rather than under 2 feet of water, so I probably wouldnt take another one home, as beautiful as they are.
wow i am certainly jealous - we get them around south east queensland as well but i havent got a diving licence - i believe they have been kept successfully in captivity so maybe a set up dedicated tank would be a good investment if you want!

did dr oshae keep them? i cant remember who it was!

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