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Stressed Bimac?????????


Sep 24, 2003
:frown: i got my bimac from fishsupply and everything was cool the first day. now all he does is hide in one hole and not come out. ive had him for three days, is he scared are is he stressed? he wont take any fresh food from me and i dont know if he's eat the baby clams i bought him. what do i do? :frown:
That is perfectly normal!

I hate to always say to look at past posts but if you do you will see how common it is with new baby octos!!!

Clams are not an ideal food either, try getting some crabs and hermits
I got my Bimac from fishsupply.com a few weeks ago. At first Pixel holed himself up. He was coming out, though, and eating clams. I saw the opened shells in one spot on the sand.

After about a day and a half to two days, I actually saw him out and eating, in his favorite "eating spot".

He started eating *a ton*. I got the 100 crabs from fishsupply.com, and he ate all of them in about a week and a half. I have started moving him over to hermit crabs (blue legged at first, and now the larger red legged).

He gets more and more active every day.

I would give him a couple more days. If you do not see evidence of him eating, though, you might start being worried.

Make sure you are checking all of your water parameters, in addition.
Also, if you had a lot of amphipods in your tank, your young octopus could eat those instead of the food you're offering. That's what mine did at first.

You need to just chill out and let the wee guy relax into the home and offer plenty good food once it is too big for amphipods and keep an eye on water quality. they come round eventually!
redrocket, just go with the flow, trust me it will all work out, unless you do something wrong and complications arise. Oh sorry, hey, I wasn't being negative on purpose colin, hehe. :P

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