Starting my first octo tank


Dec 19, 2004
Hello everyone!
I've been running my 55 gallon tank now for a liitle over a year. I've got some cool stuff but am ready for a new challenge. I am thinking to start my first octo tank. I really want to do it in my 10 gallon. I haven't found anyone taking this approach before but wanted to see what you all thought. It would have:

Eheim 2211 or 2213 canister filter
Visi-jet protein skimmer
regular flourecents
1" live sand
15-25# live rock(not sure what kind yet)

I'm sure i would add other goodies as i go but this would be in my initial startup budget. I've spoken with the local pet store where they keep octos as a hobby and we have arranged a deal so when my octos outgrow the 10 gallon they will trade me for a new baby octo.

Does anyone think this is feasable or am i being unrealistic?
Thank you for all your great posts and articles!

good evening young'n & :welcome: to TONmo
goodluck with your octoquest to which I can be of no assistance as I am into the dead fossiliferous cephalopods :ammonite:
Eheim good filters though, had for my :snail: sorry that's incorrect :goldfish: there, fish !

I run my tanks with Eheims, protein skimmer and a bubble filter with carbon. Only thing is how bout upgrading that tank size? They grow pretty quick and unless they can guarantee a dwarf, which most shops can't, your octo is going to outgrow that size tank really quick!

Good luck!!!

Hi and welcome to!

I'm afraid you are being a wee bit unrealistic. Even if you kept it only for a couple of months, you'd need at least a 20 or 30 gallon tank. What if you grew attached to your octopus and didn't want to give it up after two months? (you'd be surprised how much people like their octos) - you'd have no larger tank cycled and ready.

Welcome to Tonmo! Yep, be sure you want to launch into this prior to starting...a 55 gallon would be a good size for a bimac!

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