Squishy is here!


Blue Ring
Mar 17, 2003
Hey guys,

Just so excited, we got Squishy in the mail today. She is so cute, I can hardly stand it. I'm actually kinda grossing myself out with how candy-coated sticky sweet I feel about this octo. I knew she'd be tiny, but I guess I didn't KNOW it 'cause I'm just amazed at the coordination & color-shifting if such a tiny critter. We acclimated her, and kept her in the bowl a little extra time to watch her 'cause we knew we wouldn't see her for a coupla days. She already thinks she's a great huntress, locating and clinging to hermit crabs, but she hasn't quite figured out how to sweet-talk them out of their shells yet.

We will post pics as soon as she comes out long enough for us to take some.

Congratulations on the arrival of Squishy! (Like that name, too).
I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours watching her grow up!
Look forward to the pics!

Hi Shannen,

Can't wait to see those pics, they might eliminate the image I have of squishy sitting on a hermit shell gently waving her arms and sweet talking the crab with:

"come on out honey.....it's all right I wouldn't really hurt you!"


Course maybe she's taken the pledge like Brucie the Shark in "Nemo"

Anyhow enjoy!!!!

Congrats!!!! Can hardly wait to see pictures!!! Poor little hermit crabs....little do they know :twisted: That would make a great cartoon...

Anyway, enjoy every moment with Squishy!!!

Hey folks, here are a few pics of Squishy trying really hard to look like a hermit crab, and one of our setup. TThe tanks kinda form a peninsula in the room (big room!) so we can see the reef tank from 2 sides and the octo tank from 3. It's pretty cool!

Oops, missed the tank shot. It's below. Overall, squishy is doing great, just ate 2 ghost shrimp and has beenout & about much more than I expected. She is not afraid of the feeding stick at all, and this is technically just day one. She has inked a bit, but I caught it and netted it. Overall, she is cooler than I could have hoped for!

Sorry for my new pet ramblings,
Thanks for sharing the pictures... I'm sure Squishy will have a good life!

PS let me know if the octo and serpent set up a 'working relationship' in any way!
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