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Squids communication


Apr 10, 2004
I'm making some research about squids, as I’m writing a book that in some way involves them. I have a very peculiar question to ask: somebody told me that squids communicate changing colours, like a physical language or something like that (sorry, I'm new in this, and I know the question might sound pretty obvious) Is this true? I would be very grateful if you could answer me, or re-direct me to a web page to get this information from it. Thanks a lot.
:notworth: Thank you very much! You know, I'm writing something about squids, and I'll keep on looking for data about them and their communication. It started as a very casual thing, and now I'm getting too much involved with them... To not to say nuts :bonk:
:welcome: sepukin!

There have been a few discussions on squid and other cephs changing colors, though I think we have focused more on how they do than why they do. This thread talks about the physical color-changing process; I'll have a look around and see if I can find another reference in the forums because I'm sure cuttlefish color-signalling has come up before.


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