Hey, who turned the lights off?

Here's my current view.


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I've just returned; I can assure you that the little guys are in there (I've just returned from the lab to see them) - it's just that we've forgotten just how small that they are at this age (1 week), and how difficult they are to see (I've just tried and failed using the camera).

We'll change the backdrop to the old black card, because the camera wants to focus on the creases in the cloth rather than what's in the middle of the tank. Poor squidvicious has had a bit of a rough week ... tiz a stressful time, this early on. Things will look good very soon.
squidviscious said:
Yep, its the same species. Sepioteuthis australis.
What do you mean by jap??

I think he's referring to the fact that the controls come out labled in Japanese on some browsers/java platforms. They're in English on my linux laptop, but Japanese on my mac. I pointed this out to one of the webmaster types when sh*thead was still about.

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