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Nov 19, 2002
Check it out:


The first thread, SQUIDCAM, has been closed so that we can move on to SQUIDCAM II. As a first post I've included a couple of images of one set of Sepioteuthis australis eggs that I collected several weeks ago, at a depth of 20 feet on Carpophyllum weed off a group of Islands in the Hauraki Gulf, here off Auckland, New Zealand.

Eggs of this species have proven to be extremely difficult to find this winter; strange things happening in our waters. This particular set of eggs is due to hatch in ~ 2 weeks. Another bunch collected about three weeks earlier are currently hatching.

These photos were taken by a dive buddy, Dr Iain Anderson, from another Auckland University, the 'University of Auckland' (just up the road from us). Iain has written a number of books over here, and is presently writing an article (for a popular magazine here) on our efforts to catch and ongrow these and other squid, and leaps at any opportunity to get out in the boat, have a dive and use his sensational camera equipment to get images. He's taken some dynamite shots of the hatching squid, but I'll not be able to post these for at least a week.


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Hi there;
We have 8 baby S .australis swimming happily this morn.
It seems a few of em have lanced themselves on our only piece of equipment thats inside the tank, the mesh covered overflow.
/Not sure where the squidcam will fit in an already crowded wetlab, but im sure everyone wants to see these cuties. :razz:
Here's a pic of the eggs that Steve O collected for me 2 weeks ago, in our tank system.
The nodes are now showing and developing nicely, should start to see eye spots in a fornight.


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Looking good!

Hoping to watch how these wee ones develop.

Are there many changes to the rearing system?
It seems the IT guys have gone in and set-up squidcam already.
The camera's operational but focussing in on these little fellas is a tad difficult.
Once all the hatchings have finished (around August 26) i'll put the lid on and apply the cloth around the tank to eliminate reflections, and hopefully make things a little clearer.

These hatchlings are from the small egg mass collected 5 weeks ago, so look at it as a teaser for the large mass developing in another tank.

Here's the link.


Happy Viewing :razz:
Awesome!!! Glad to see The Squid cam is up and running! Did I see tiny babies? Was wrestling for controls to zoom in on what I thought were the hatchlings towards the bottom.
I hope not, then that would be a sickly baby.

They are (or should) be near the surface.
The mysids ive added are probably what you were seeing.
They do occasionally come down in the water column to feed i think, let me know if you see any footage of this.

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