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Squid Tanks

Im no squid expert but I think the store in that picture had success becuase the tank is more like a pond type with circular edges and its not glass for the most part. Also they might not be very healthy and they probably don't have them for long.

Tako_Poke said:

How is it that squid are so insanely hard to keep and yet some random asian food market can do it?? Dont squid ram into walls and die? Do people have the same problems with reed squid? Couldnt that problem be solved by coating the tank walls with a soft jelly like substance that would cushion the impact? :squid:

Food markets aren't keeping the squid long term, and AFAKCT, it is pretty easy to keep one for days or a week until it dies. Circularish tanks seem to be better for many squid and many cuttlefish. Some researchers are working with squid and trying to pad the sides. If you could invent that 'soft jelly like substance' I am sure many would be interested in it.
I don't imagine they're keeping them for long, and probably don't really care if the animal survives any longer than it takes to sell it. Also in many cases these will be Loliginid squid which seem to be a little easier to keep than say ommastrephids. Which isn't to say that they're not hard work, they are.

After all if the squid is gonna be fried (or whatever) butt burn and lack of food for the squid are not going to be of the 1st consern.

Also I note that the tank you show has rounded edges so it's not really rectangular (a rectangular tank kills in seconds) but it's probably not ideal either, I doubt it's big enough to keep those squid alive for very long...................I wonder how many die before they can be sold????


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