[Octopus]: Asian Food Market Octos - Take 2

No clue, I get mine from Paul Sachs and the count is fixed (and the shipping makes them expensive but a decent on-line price). When we get anywhere near a coastal bait store (very seldom) we get a couple of small brown paper bags full but I have never counted them. I am also working with a start up on eBay for an alternate type of crab but Kevin does not have any listed today and was totally out earlier in the week with too much rain to collect more.
Euthanized one and was going to do the same to another (it pulled away and didn't want to go so I let it go back in) but the silver lining is that the other one ate a freshly killed grass shrimp. Will wait and see what happens with the this one - they didn't look great in the store and I am unsure of whether this one is the smaller one as the one I euthanized looks to be small as well, but crossing my fingers.
:fingerscrossed: Hopeful for the one that ate!

They always look so much smaller dead than alive. You might take photos with a tape measurement of the arms and mantle of each as they pass on just to have a record to see if size helps with choosing a best candidate for survival. The one you dissected had a dead arm length of about 14" but it is probably too late to measure the one that you put to sleep.

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