Squid Suckers


O. vulgaris
Jul 9, 2006
Hey everyone,
About a month ago I was on my dads boat (he's a longliner) and I saw a squid which the crew was preparing to cook. They caught it with its head already bit off so I wasnt able to see it. But the most interesting thing about it was that the suckers had teeth. Ive heard of this and I was wondering what species of squid this is common in. :tentacle1:
:welcome: to Tonmo Nick! Where were you fishing and how big was the rest of the squid? Was the body missing (the part that looks like an arrow or spear), or the head? The tentacles are usually attached to the head...
We are locared in Hawaii. I cant quite remember what parts had been eaten, but the crew had pretty much carved up the remnants of everything above the tentacles beyond recognition. Im guessing that the squid was one and a half or so feet when it was alive.

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