Squid anyone?

By the way if u are intrested in buying one of these squid or a couple for cheap I guess... :? PM me or somthin. Thx! But just so u know they dont have much color and they get pretty big. Im guessing maybe a foot or 2 long. But I can get u ones that or 2" or smaller.
Yes I have been preparing for quite some time now. And I am about to get my liscence. The squid are kinda hard to keep I think... But my dad kept some alive in a bucket for several days without filtration or anything. He just fed them crabs that he found attached to bouys. I think that they would probally just as difficult to keep if not less as an octo. If u have the right stuff. And if u had all the stuff that u needed I think that hey would make fun pets. Steve O'shea says that u need a special set up for them and Im sure hes right. But you could probally keep one for about a year or so when they are still small then let it go.
My dad catches them when they splash up on the deck of his boat or jump up. Or with a dip net. Or when they chew on the bait. And by the way what kind do u catch?

We get lot's of squids in Hong Kong too. Big Fins are common when you go squid fishing with special lures. But you get some smaller squid in the summer, not a lot. I mean you could fill a 1 ton crate with the day's catch :shock: well, not exactly 1 ton.....

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