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Nov 15, 2004
I am a 23 y.o male from Australia. I live with my girlfriend, 4 cats, 1 bird and bundles of fish. We plan to open our own lfs one day in the future as the range where we live is pretty poor - as is the care of livestock at some local lfs. I guess keeping fish for nothing more than to make money and keeping fish because you enjoy them and wish to share them with others are two different things in this day and age.

The types of stock we want to focus on is oddballs and rare or unique fish which are hard to find near us and are also misunderstood or mistreated in terms of care and/or requirements. We will still have the standards, Danios, Barbs, Goldfish, etc, but the main focus will be on freshwater and saltwater oddities and harder to find fish as well as products/equiptment. We also plan to breed as much of our stock as is possible, less overheads for us, less stress put on the fish as they don't get shipped a few thousand kms and better stock for the customer as I plan to feed and raise my stock as a hobbyist, not a money hungry shopowner.

I guess this is part of the reason I am on this forum. Octopi and cuttlefish fall under oddballs and I want to know as much as I can about them before opening an lfs. I have also been interested in keeping them for some years now but never found enough info and resources to truly know how to properly care for one or know what I was letting myself in for. I guess both problems are now accounted for upon finding this site lol

Sounds like you got your hands full already :shock:

Side note:
My wife saw where you were from and went into a "Dogs in Space" rant
for at least 30 minutes. :bugout:
Welcome to Tonmo!! Sounds like a fun house...be sure to send in pics, we all love seeing other places !
Thanks for the replies guys :smile: yep, we pretty much have a farm here lol

Would I be right in assuming you are a fan of Howard Phillip Lovecraft Cthulhu? If so, great author to like, I'm a big fan myself.
Yes, as a youth it was suprising to find out that there was an author that detailed the followers of the great Cthulhu...actually, quite a number...since I had grown up with it (being part of a Danish family) I immediately fell entranced with the whole pile of published work...be sure to check out the ongoing research thread:
Startling History of the USS Miskatonic...this has grown to include the SS Tindalos also...more pics to come !
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