Jul 26, 2003
hey I don't know what about it got me so hooked but I liked it alot, especially knowing that the mysterious huge monster was most likely the architeuths dux we currently know about, you guy's know what type of jellyfish were shown?
I never seemed to know which one's they were on the count that I do research on jellyfish, hmm, did you guy's like the movie?
I liked the book.

The film was a howler: the sphere looked like pee.

The challenge of digitally imaging a vast sphere of pee must have left little in the budget for the squid, but I did like the brief glimpse we were afforded.

I liked the book, but I didn't think the film was all of that bad...just kind of boring...oh well.
It was a tad bit boring, that's true.
The sphere looked kinda cool I think, throughout the movie you don't really know what's gonna come up next and like you see these scenes and the people are just dreaming of it lol.

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