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Species of cuttlefish


May 16, 2005
Hey everyone,
I m very interested in cuttlefish (hope to set a tank up soon for a couple of them)
As i cant afford a lot more than a 30 gallons (or maybe even smaller ???) , i cannot get a Sepia officinalis, which grows upto 45 cm, which is a lot to big. That s why i m looking for smaller.
I can find a LOT about ocots, but not that much about cuttles....
Does anyone know if there are other small species, and what they are called??? (i already know about the E.scolopes and the S. bandensis...by the way what the minimum tank size for those???)
I also cant find a precise description of the water chemistry and biology for cuttlefish......is it the same as for the octos??
If anyone knows about all this please hheelllpp !!
Hey colin,
I live in the north of france, but not not close to the sea (half an hour driving north of paris). I can definitely not go to the nearest coast and get them myself......but i could maybe get sum live food from there, and then make the food reproduce at home.....i dont know...??

There is a cousin of E. scolopes that's indigenous to western europe. It's called Sepiola atlantica, and it's awfully cute. I don't know whether it is (commonly) sold/available in France though. This little bobtail squid grows to about 2-5 cm max, (total lenght). I would think that it is nocturnal. Good luck on your search!

Thanx for the info thom..i didnt know about thoses yet...
unfortunatly...all the small species seem to be nocturnal....and during the night...I SLEEP !!!!
in less than a 30 gal tank - there isnt much you can keep in the way of cuttles - have you looked at octos - they are very cool! (cuttles are cooler but hey sometime we make sacrafices...lol)

I think if you were to keep more than one as you suggested - this tank would be too small for bandensis even! - are cuttles and octos available in france?- good luck!

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